Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Slice of life #8 my birthday party

Last Saturday they make my birthday party early so I have really have fun with my  all my family.  It was great because I can spend time with my family in there but  I want to celebrate  my real birthday with my friends and have fun. What I get it was  a bracelet from pandora  I really like it  was so nice. And other people they  give me was money I going to saved so I can buy more clothes or for something else I want to buy for later. But I had a good time celebrating my early birthday party with my family.

Monday, December 19, 2016

How to make chocolate chips cookies 🍪🍪

So first you need is  to get all you  ingredients for the cookies so when you have

Saturday, December 17, 2016

my first time in. A plane

So don't remember when I went when I got to my first plane ✈️ so it was scary because did know what it was happened so I was asking question to my self what is going to happen is going to be bad or good it everything  so we wen to the airport to be in the plane so just went check out and other things when they call us so we just to our seat to wait to go and be the place  we are going to so just wait it was going to be 4 hours of fly but everything  it was good but them I felt to sleep  they give us food everything was awesome.

Saturday, December 10, 2016

Going out with my friends

We decided to go see a movie  so we went and then  when we got their we to our seats and see the movie and then when it finish  the movie we went other places and have lot of fun and we buy   Starbucks and we just seat in a table  we stared to talk about something until I got a message that  say my cousins was here so we just to get here outside  so we. Just went their and one we wine to  Starbucks so  we just walk  is when my friends tell us they are living all ready so  they left all ready and one of us  want to buy a perfume  that she like so went and it was time to go home.

Top 5 Artist

1. Fall out boys
2. Ariana grande
3The Chainsmokers
5. Rihanna

Monday, December 5, 2016

A deram about paris

So one day I was really tired that I could wake  the next day so when i was dream was about paris because I love paris and i can be happy if  I go their and lot of the people was their i can believe that I was in Paris and I was having  lot of the fun in their i even tell my family that was going to move here in and visit any time when i go to america i was with my family  than i want to try lot of food and one of them because  I was asking lot of question and they where worried about they not how to speak in French and what happen they not speak English but just did't pay attention  to ait because they need to speak english o how they going to communicate with other people. If the only thing they know is to speak French so i just tell them. They need to speak English so the first we went it was go to the hotel and. See be their like one hour and maybe have fun and other is to make plans. About where, we are going to see the next day because i was tired and some with my family  I remember that we always make fun stuff and eat breakfast so  we just  have to get this it look like a pancake with banana and strawberries inside and outside was chocolate with wipe cream  and them we just stay in. The restaurant  and my aunt. Say it was time to leave  to see the tower  so we went t i was going to take a picture but them my my alarm stared ring and I wake up but I know that all that was a dream.

Saturday, December 3, 2016

Family time

Some thing. I like to spend time with my when we play games and watch movie and we play lot them we just get a movie and we watch it all bit but somethimes is time to go to sleep 😴 but me and my cousins they not want to sleep. We just want to play so some thoimes when  my family is all ready sleep we just go to  the leveling room and others things to do and. We play with other things so but sometimes in Friday I got to bed early so sometimes we do not that so they make the same thing every Friday and sometimes we do it.